Preventitive Maintenence

Name Miles Interval
Oil Change 3,000 3 Months
Power Steering Flush 24,000 2 years
Tire Rotation 7,500 Every Other Oil Change
ERG Systems Service 24,000 2 Years
PCV Valve N/A Replace Annually
4X4 Transfer Case 24,000 2 Years
Transmission Flush Service 30,000 3 Years
Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection N/A Annually or Before Long Roadtrip
Carbon Cleaning 30,000 2 Years
Fuel Filter N/A Inspect Annually or Replace As Needed
Throttle-Body Service 20,000 2 Years
Battery Service N/A Inspect Annually or Replace As Needed
Radiator & Heater Hoses 60,000 4 Years
Air Conditioning N/A Check Every Spring
Drive Belts 60,000 4 years
Radiator Coolant N/A Flush Every Two Years
Timing Belts 60,000 -100,000 Varies Per Vehicle – See Owner’s Manual
Brake System Flush N/A 2 Years
Differential Fluid 50,000 5 Years
Clutch System Flush N/A 2 Years
Oxygen Sensor N/A Per Owner’s Manual or As Needed
Manual Trans Service 15,000 – 50,000 N/A
Air Filter 5,000 N/A
Scan for Computer Codes N/A When “Check Engine” of “Service Engine Soon” light is on


AAA ASE Certified ACDelco


Jasper Engines and Transmissions BG

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